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Individual Sessions

Individual lessons allow for pure focus on improving your casting with as little distraction as possible. These intensive sessions will challenge the caster and focus on strengthening the weak spots in their casting skillset. We will discuss your casting goals and areas that you would like to improve beforehand, and I will provide several drills to help you continue to improve on your own. Sessions are $250 for 2 hours. Bring your own rod, or I can provide one. I will also supply hookless casting flies. 

Group Sessions

One of the best parts of fly fishing is the community. These group sessions are meant to offer an affordable, high quality experience for beginner and intermediate casters who want to improve their casting in a more social setting than individual lessons. Bring some friends, or join a scheduled session and make some new ones. The same real-world situational casting is applied here, but since there are more casters my attention is split and the instruction is less intense. 

Sessions are 2 hours. Bring your own rod, or I can provide one if needed. Group sessions are typically $375 for 2 people, and $525 for 3 and $650 for 4 people. If you would like to schedule a group session for more than 4 people, please reach out and let's discuss. 


Casting Challenge

Keep your eye open for monthly announcements of my Casting Challenge locations. I'll be ramping those up in 2024. If you have questions about the Challenge, wish to sponsor an event or have a venue suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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